Non Player Company

A game design consulting company

Vast Experience

I have already seen or solved whatever problem you are facing. There's no need to work through the problem on your own.

Little Overhead

My time is entirely dedicated to solving the specific tasks you need solved, and I can work remotely or embedded with your teams.

No Ego

I'm not here to have my name in the lights. It's why this company is called NPC. I'm here to make sure that you are the hero.

Take a seat...

My name is Mike Birkhead, and I am a game design consultant.

Over the last 16 years I have worked in a variety of genres, and on a variety of platforms. From PC, to Console; from Mobile to VR; from Action Adventure, to Music Creation. I have seen all kinds of problems that we face when making games, and you can learn a bit of what I've learned on my blog.

Great games require a grand vision, and a grand vision is hard to achieve alone. You truly are the hero of this story, but no quest is complete without a friendly NPC to help you on your way. I'm here to make sure that you can slay your dragons in the most efficient manner possible, so let me be your friendly NPC, and I'll provide just the right item to beat your final boss.

Take a look at my wares...

  • System Design
  • Combat Design
  • Economy Design
  • Game Tuning and Balancing